FCLRC, under the authority of and supervision by CEZA, can provide companies operating in CSEZFP the permit to undertake Interactive Gaming and Land based Casino activities, particularly the following:

  1. Interactive Gaming (restricted to offshore bets only)
    • Live dealer studio streaming
    • Live dealer with proxy betting
    • Operation of Random Number Game Platforms
    • Sports betting
    • Operation of Lottery Machines
    • Software development and IT services
    • Customer care and technical support
  2. Land based Casino (local and foreign players allowed)
    • Live dealer tables
    • Electronic table games
    • Slot machines
    • Sports betting

Online Information Sheet

For foreign or domestic company applicants

  1. Name of Company
  2. Registered Business Address
  3. Name of Authorized Representative
  4. Email Address of Authorized Representative
  5. Telephone number of Authorized Representative
  6. Board of Directors
    - Name of each director
    - Address of each director
    - Place and date of birth of each director
  7. Name of the single largest shareholder
  8. Name(s) of External Audit Firm/s over the last five years
  9. Country(ies) in which the company has been registered in the last ten years
    - Name(s) of Country(ies)
    - Year first registered
    - Year last registered
  10. Declaration