CEZA-Registered Enterprises enjoy the following incentives:

  • Special tax rate of 5% of gross income in lieu of all local and national taxes.
  • Tax credits for foreign corporations.
  • Tax and duty free importation of articles, raw materials, capital goods, equipment and consumer items.

Application Requirements

  1. CSEZFP Form 99-1
    Documents to be sent via courier to FCLRC
  2. SEC incorporation and articles of incorporation and by laws
  3. Project Feasibility Study
  4. Evidence of intended physical location within the CSEZFP or Undertaking to Lease
  5. Signed CEZA Master Plan compliance certificate
  6. Signed CEZA Rules and regulations compliance certificate
  7. Signed CEZA Confirmation of Intent statement
  8. Board Resolution/Secretary Certificate for authorized representative


  • Annual Fee – $10,000