Application Procedures

FCLRC, as sole Master Licensor of Interactive Gaming in CSEZFP, is authorized to receive applications for Interactive Gaming licenses, in accordance with the Interactive Gaming Act (2003). Licenses are available for all forms of interactive gaming including: casinos, sports betting, lottery and lotteries.

An applicant must complete an application form, probity forms and sign the Interactive Gaming Code of Practice when applying for a license. Forms can be downloaded here. Applicants are encouraged to contact us directly for any information about the jurisdiction. We welcome you to visit the Philippines and see the facilities available first hand.

Specifically, the following is the procedure for securing an Interactive Gaming License / Restrictive Gaming License from the CSEZFP:

  1. The applicant either downloads the application form or the same is secured from First Cagayan;
  2. The duly accomplished application form together with all the relevant attachments are submitted to First Cagayan upon payment of the required fees or submission of proof of payment in case of fund transfer from other country/ies.
    1. The applicant is informed that the documents pertaining to the registration as a CSEZFP enterprise should be accomplished and submitted to First Cagayan.
  3. The duly accomplished form together with all relevant attachments are evaluated by First Cagayan for completeness and compliance with the requirements in the CSEZFP Interactive Gaming Rules and Regulations and CEZA’s policies pertaining to the conduct of interactive gaming at the CSEZFP.
    1. If the application and the required attachments are incomplete or is not compliant to the Interactive Gaming Act and the relevant rules and regulations, FCLRC shall return the documents to the applicant together with a checklist indicating the lacking or non-compliant document.
    2. If the applicant is an existing operator with a License in another jurisdiction, pending the probity result, FCLRC and CEZA may issue a Provisional License to conduct interactive gaming upon the submission of a completed application form and supporting documents (license probity and software results issued to the applicant by the foreign jurisdiction) and the payment of the Non-refundable deposit.
  4. FCLRC forwards the application form and supporting documents to the probity checker/evaluator (Kreller Business Information Group). FCLRC shall likewise inform the applicant in writing to have their software tested and checked by any of the accredited software checkers/evaluators.
  5. When FCLRC receives the positive result of both the software check and the probity check, it submits to CEZA the following documents:
    1. Probity and Software Check results;
    2. Duly accomplished interactive gaming application form and required attachments;
    3. Written endorsement of FCLRC for the CSEZFP enterprise registration;
    4. Official License (Certificate) signed by the President of FCLRC (for the counter-part signature of CEZA)
  6. FCLRC informs the applicant in writing that the Official License (Certificate) will be released to do them upon payment of the balance of the required fees and issuance of CEZA enterprise registration.
  7. The Official License (Certificate) as signed by CEZA and FCLRC is released to the interactive gaming operator.

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Licensing Costs

Full License (E-Casino and Sports Book)

New Application :

Application Fee - US$40,000
which consists of:

US$15,000 - Non-refundable deposit payable upon submission of application.

US$25,000 - Balance to be paid upon issuance of the provisional or official license, refundable if the application is unsuccessful.

Gaming Levy: 2% of Gross Win/month from e0casino operations
(Gross Win = Turnover - Player wins - Merchant Discount)

US$48,000 /annum for Sports book operations payable upon the issuance of the provisional or official license.

Renewal :

Renewal Fee - US$40,000

US$15,000 of the Renewal Fee maybe offset against the gaming levy payable each year.

Gaming Levy: 2% of Gross Win/month from e0casino operations
(Gross Win = Turnover - Player wins - Merchant Discount)

US$60,000 / annum for Sports book operations payable upon the issuance of the provisional or official license.


Restrictive Interactive Gaming License (Sports Betting):

New Application :

**US$ 26,000 – Application Fee payable upon submission of the application,

US$18,000 of the application fee is refundable if application is unsuccessful.

**US$ 3,500 – Probity Cost per application chargeable to the applicant.

**US$ 48,000 /annum - Restrictive Interactive Gaming Tax payable upon the issuance of the provisional license or official license.

Renewal :

**US$ 15,000 – Renewal fee for Restrictive Interactive Gaming License payable upon submission of the documentary requirements necessary for renewal

 **US$ 60,000 /-annum - Restrictive Interactive Gaming Tax payable up front upon the renewal of the license.

Note: The fee for each additional Sporting Event is US$ 2.000 (per year)

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Checklist of Requirements

Requirements for Complete Application for CSEZFP Registered Enterprise

  1. Complete Application Form ( Application for CSEZFP Enterprise Registration, CSEZFP Form 99-1)
  2. Fee for processing amounting to US $ 200 or equivalent in Philippine pesos at current exchange rates
  3. Project Feasibility Study, indicating the basic/data information on its technical, financial, marketing and management capability and competence to undertake and proposed project within the CSEZFP
  4. Copies of relevant documentation of legal status of the business enterprise
    - Articles of incorporation and by laws; Partnership Agreement, SEC License to do business
  5. Name and address of legal agent if not a corporation or other business organization established in the Philippines.
  6. If there is foreign ownership, proof of inward remittance and/or investment or other proof of financial acceptable to CEZA.
  7. Evidence of intended physical location of the enterprise within the CSEZPF (e.g. Certificate of Title, Deed of Sale, Lease Agreement, Commitment Letter, and other similar documents)
  8. If part of a larger business enterprise doing business outside the CSEZFP, evidence or restructuring which excludes from the operations of the CSZFP Enterprise all business operations taking place outside the CSEZFP
  9. List of assets and other properties comprising the investment to be made
  10. Application Forms for Work Permits for any expatriate personnel
  11. List of references that may be contacted to verify the information included in the application, including a commercial bank and/or financial institution and independent auditor
  12. Certificate under oath that the CSEZFP Enterprise applicant will comply with the Master plan as may be adopted and amended from time to time (pro forma attached)
  13. Undertaking that applicant shall not at all times conduct any unlawful activity, such as but not limited to smuggling, illegal fishing and the like, and shall abide all laws of the Republic of the Philippines, rules and regulations, administrative orders of CEZA and that should they be found upon investigation by CEZA to have committed unlawful and/or prohibited activities, CEZA may motu profio, cancel their Certificate of Registration as a CSEZFP Registered Enterprise (pro forma attached).
  14. Statement of Confirmation of Intent (pro forma attached)
    If a foreign corporation or a domestic corporation, more than 40% of equity is owned by foreigners:
  15. Name of authorized representative in the Philippines.
  16. Address and contract number of authorized representative in the Philippines.
  17. Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate certifying to said Board Resolution, duly appointing the representative and authorizing him to represent the corporation in the enterprise registration.

  Required Attachments to the Application for Interactive Gaming License

  • A completed “Company Probity Form” in respect of the applicant;
  • A completed “Personal Probity Form” at least in respect of each company director, the company secretary and the chief executive officer; and
  • Proof of payment of the prescribed fee;
  • A copy of the Business Plan; and
  • A signed copy of the Industry Code of Practice.

Required attachments to the Personal Probity Form
(which should be included to the Interactive Gaming License Application)

  • A copy of one of the following as proof of identity -

    Birth certificate or extract;
    Current driver’s license;
    Marriage certificate.

  • A copy of your passport or visa.

(This includes the current and any expired passports in possession of the authorized representative. If he has never held a passport state this circumstance at Question F(i) of Part Two of the Probity Form.)

  • A Police Report or Clearance from the appropriate authority in the jurisdiction in which the authorized representative currently resides. (Eg. In the case of a Philippines resident this means obtaining a report or clearance from the Police.)
  • Summary of Work and Business History which shall consist of the following:
  • Summary of Directorship (Including past and present. This should be set out in tabular form using the following headings: Name of the Company, Location of Company, Date of Appointment as Director, Date of Cessation as Director, Nature of Business).
  • Summary of Business conducted by you or in partnerships etc. not detailed in 1 above (Including past and present. This should be set out in tabular form using the following heading: Name of Company, Location of Company, Date of Commencement, Date of Cessation, Nature of Business).
  • Summary of any other employment not detailed in 1 or 2 above (including past and present).

(This should be set out in tabular form using the headings listed in 2 above.)

  • Three written references: - (At a minimum, these references should include –
  1. A statement in relation to the character and/or business reputation (at least 1 character and at least one business reference must be provided);
  2. A confirmation of years known;
  3. How you are known to the referee;
  4. A statement that the referee is agreeable to be contacted to further discuss these matters, if it is deemed necessary to do so;
  5. Full name and contact details of the referee.)

Required Attachments to the Company Probity Form
(which should be included in the application for Interactive Gaming License Application)

  • A brief history of the company which is not required if a current licensee. (This should include details of the original purposes and business of the company, the names of the founders and funds were initially injected and by whom.)
  • A ‘Statement of Company Records’ to be prepared and signed by a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) or a qualified company auditor. (This Statement should: Certify that the company’s records are up to date. Company records include such records as share registers, memorandum and articles of association, appointment of directors, secretaries and mangers, minutes of company meetings, financial reports, annual returns; and Identify Tax Returns due and outstanding.)
  • A flow-chart supported by written text explaining the corporate structure in which the company exists.
    (Details should include the shareholding, the principal business and the names and addresses of the directors of each company within the corporate structure.)
  • A list of companies in which any company identified in the corporate structure flow-chart holds greater than 15% of the issued share capital (if none, advise accordingly).
  • A description of the largest 20 shareholders of the company. (Details should show the full name of each shareholder and the relevant number and percentage of shares held.)
  • A copy of the current Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution.
  • Copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and each Certificate of Change of Name of Company.
  • Copies of the audited and/or published financial statements for the last 5 years for the company and any holding or parent company.
  • A copy of the Annual Reports of the company for the last 5 years for the company and any holding or parent company.
  • A copy of the Annual Reports of the company for the last 5 years.
  • A copy of the company’s Chart of Accounts.


  1. If an applicant attempts to obtain an Interactive Gaming Licence by a materially false or misleading representation or in some other improper way, this will impact when assessing the suitability of the applicant. Further, section 4 of the Interactive Gaming Act (2003) provides that if an Interactive Gaming Licence is obtained by a materially false or misleading representation, or in some other improper way, this is a ground for suspending or canceling the licence.
  2. The completed application form, fee and attachments should be forwarded to:
    The Regulator of Interactive Gaming
    Cagayan Economic Zone & Free Port
    26 th Floor, West Tower
    Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Centre
    Pasig City, 1605, Philippines
  3. If a question does not apply, state “N/A”.
    If there is nothing to disclose in reply to a particular question state “nil”.

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The following forms are in PDF format:

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